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Whether you are a small business for which telecommunication is an important success factor, a Call Center, Call Shop or a VoIP provider, voxgate will accommodate all your outbound calling needs.

voxgate offers A-Z as well as direct route termination services for SOHO customers, enterprises, service providers and carriers. voxgate is backed by our superior Billing Systems and competitive rates to assure you have the best quality call connections on the market. We provide our clients with a secured Web interface so customers can view their usage, balance information and reports.

As a VoIP provider, we deliver outstanding quality at top rates, thanks to the direct interconnection with wide range of operators worldwide. We ensure that our customers receive uncompromising call quality to all target destinations and we take pride in our engineers and representatives who offer the highest level of support on the market.

Our network is designed to handle high call volumes and capacity, enabling you to achieve efficient call routing and high call completion rates.

We manage our Network 24/7 to ensure high completion rates. Our whole network is built on using carrier grade equipment, switching and hardware. We are hosting from multiple datacenters in case of a failure in hardware. We are operating our business from several locations, and POPs are located in USA, Germany and France and that gives us the power to support in two time zones.
What we offer:
        - Free/Unlimited Support
        - Clear, no-nonsense, simple to understand billing
        - All features included by default/available to all accounts
        - Use your own device, soft phone, Asterisk, PBX or switch
        - 1 seconds billing increment to most destinations
        - Free calls between voxgate users
        - Full SIP Broker support
        - Connect as many phones as you wish
        - Detailed CDR also
        - A to Z call termination (Worldwide Call Termination)
        - No volume commitment
        - Pay as you go pricing scheme
        - Very competitive rates
        - Free Asterisk Configuration support
        - Online payments by PayPal, Skrill or credit cards

Tested with ZoiPer We accept PayPal, Skrill, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, MoneyGram payments at voxgate.biz

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